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Chelsea, Oklahoma



Butcher & Deli Hours

9:30am-5:30pm Monday - Friday

Saturday 10am-2pm

Custom Processing Drop Off Hours

7am-12pm Monday and Tuesday 

Deer Season Drop Off Hours

7am-9pm 7 Days/Week


Old-fashioned butcher, deli and market

We offer a wide variety of quality meats and deli selections, sliced just the way you like it. Need something special for an event, or just don't see what you want in our cases? Whatever you need, we'll make it happen for you.

Want to fill your freezer? Check out our bulk bundle options!

Don't forget to check our market for unique spices, spreads and snacks created by local producers from our community!


We are committed to serving you with the quality cuts and customer service you deserve. We appreciate the labor and love that went into your animal- let our experienced butchers help bring your meat home to your table. Your meat is processed in a clean, professional facility exactly to your specifications. 

Want to take it up a notch? We offer a wide variety of specialty butcher options including seasoned patties, brats, sausages, snack sticks and more. Check out our processing instructions to learn more- but beware, you might get hungry! 

Need a visual of where your favorite cuts of meat come from? Check out the cut charts to learn more.


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Pork Processing Instructions

Brats without cheese, $50 per 12.5lb batch (approx 45-50 brats)
Brats with cheese, $60 per 12.5lb batch (approx 45-50 brats)
If additional flavor batches are desired, please note your selection in special instructions.

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Beef Cutting Instructions
Pork Processing Instructions
Venison Processing Instructions

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